on having a diversity of clients

“There’s no greater security than having a diverse client base,” Irish Tom said….

My thought was that I could offer harried marketing managers the opportunity to take such hectic times off their hands, (whether on a monthly or quarterly basis), and give them the opportunity to bring more order into their lives.

I also recognized that there were peaks and valleys in workload, such as at times before conventions and sales meetings, when there were scrambles to get many things done on time. “I can help you get those projects done, and there is no need to hire another staff person who will only sit around and waste time during the off-peak periods,” I would say.

As well, I imagined myself sitting down in front of a potential client and saying, “Mr. client, you should use me because I’m the best person for this job. No one else will bring more competence and enthusiasm to this project than I would bring. If this has been a headache project for you, then your headache days are over. If you’ve had a lot of turnover, I can bring a kind of stability that even a full time person can’t bring, because I’m taking the long view; I want to be doing this for a long time.”

From Breaking Free, The Quest.