Goldfish in the creek

We have a creek in front of the house. It’s a nice creek, it moves quickly. It has multiple sources, and we know of other springs that feed the creek. At least some of the water comes from mine run-off, and so except for some native crayfish, there is very little that lives there.

Just below the wooden footbridge that we use to get to the creek, there is a relatively deep and slow-moving section of water. Just goofing around with the kids, we started talking about how we might get to have some fish in it. We got some old clay pipes and set them up in the creek, parallel with the bridge, and perpendicular to the current. Then we went to the local pet shop and bought a few goldfish.

Many (if not all) of them survived a pretty good rain and an overnight, so we went and bought about another 20. (These were the “feeders,” which are at the pet store just for the purpose of being sold as turtle food. So we have given them some hope).

We had some excitement, as two of them got caught up in the current and were washed downstream. But we followed them down, got our soup strainer, and managed to get them both.

So stay tuned, I’ll let you know how the make out.