Successful PR at HyperActive

At HyperActive, we worked with a PR consultant named Mary Ann Bohrer, who was really helpful in generating and solidifying the PR results we obtained at HyperActive. Here are just a few of those “hits”:

FS/TEC: HyperActive Technologies’ drive-thru solutions (video)

“HyperActive Technologies Breaks Investment Drought”

Hardee’s Franchisee Streamlines Drive-Thru Efficiency
Hospitality Technology Magazine, December 2008

“HyperActive moves beyond one-product strategy”
Pittsburgh Business Times, December 8, 2008

“Silicon Valley’s Coolest Investments”, January 2008

“CMU Students Create ‘Revolutionary’ Fast Food Robot”
Channel 4 News, Pittsburgh (video) November 20, 2007

“Making Fast Food Even Faster”
New York Times, October 28, 2007

“HyperActive Technologies puts fresh into faster food”

“For fast-food help, call in the robots”

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