The downside of “magicJack”

On my Facebook site, I’ve written fairly extensively about the technology troubles I’ve been having, mostly with the eMac. It’s still dead. I use this machine for desktop publishing, and so I need to get a replacement soon. Fortunately, thanks to a program called “DiskWarrior,” the files are saved and able to be retrieved. I think. That’s what they say, anyway. My hope is to get this done soon, although, I’ve had a $500 repair bill on the van, in addition to my other expenditures.

Which included the need to replace my cable modem and router. I had an all-in-one Linksys unit; this was down late in the week last week. It was another $130 to replace it (this time with two units).

In exchange for these expenses, enabled by technology, there are compensations, provided by technology. I bought one of those magicJack units to enable me to scale back the cellular service, and also to avoid the monthly phone bills. But the unique downside comes when you need to call the cable company to report that your cable is out. You need to use the cell phone, and waste precious and sometimes costly minutes.

This is not, I suppose, the fault of the magicJack people. The unit is doing what it’s supposed to do.