Small businesses have a lot to gain in this election

The Real Time Economics blog at the WSJ is noting that small businesses are paying attention to this election, and I would think they are doing so with a hopeful eye. The Obama administration and the 111th congress have added mightily to their regulatory burden.

… the upcoming elections themselves were responsible for some businesses delaying decisions that, if they had been taken, would have strengthened the economy over the summer.

Those are the findings of two election-related surveys done recently. Sage, a provider of software and services to small businesses, and Discover Small Business Watch polled small-business owners about the economy and the elections.

They see some signs of hope. The Discover survey showed that 28% of them expect economic conditions to improve in the next six months, up from 20% saying so in September.

Part of that sentiment may reflect predictions that Republicans will regain control of the House of Representatives, with longer odds given for the GOP taking the Senate. Of the small-business owners polled in the Discover survey, 51% said it would be better for the economy if the Republicans control Congress, versus 39% opting for Democrats.

The most striking feature of the Sage survey was the passion shown by business owners, says Connie Certusi, general manager at Sage’s Small Business Accounting unit. The survey showed a massive 93% of small-business owners plan to vote next Tuesday. Compare that to the 2006 midterm election, when only 37% of all U.S. voters bothered to go to the polls.