on shopping at Wal-Mart

Yesterday, I saved 50¢ per gallon using my Giant Eagle Fuelperks; but generally, I’ve found that shopping at Giant Eagle is too expensive for the “perks” — I have found that, aside from some sale items and staple items like milk, cereal, meats and vegetables, many other items cost a dollar or more each at Giant Eagle than they do at Wal-Mart. For example, I buy a pound of sliced Oscar Mayer turkey for my kids for sandwiches; at Wal-Mart this was $5.29 (just went up); at Giant Eagle, a 9 oz package is about $4.79. Wonder Whole Wheat bread is $1.98 per loaf (recently $1.68); at Giant Eagle, it’s about $2.59 per loaf. Frozen pancakes are about $3.00 for 24 at Wal-Mart; you’ll pay about $2.79 for 12 at Giant Eagle. (And the kids go through a lot of them). If you’re not careful, if you’re going to do a week’s worth of grocery shopping, you’ll spend more than the equivalent of a tank of gas, just to get the perks.