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We have very good medical insurance through my employer, which pays most, but not all of our medical expenses. But Bethany is not able to work, and her paycheck has been 30-40% of our family income. She will be “disabled” for more than a year through this process. I’ve only been with my employer for less than two years, and so I don’t have much paid time off; in fact, I’ve used it up during Beth’s two previous hospital stays. I’m permitted to take time off through the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), but it is unpaid time. Taking Beth for doctor’s visits or Vidaza sessions means I have to take unpaid time off. In the near future, as she spends more time in the hospital for the transplant, or possible infections, it will mean no family income at all.

Please help us to get through this time by making a small donation. I’ve placed a “Donate” button in the right hand column; if you’d like to help, you can pay through PayPal, or use a credit card.

It’s true, there are “public” sources, such as Social Security, VA, and other sources. But the process for filing claims for these can take months (five months, in the case of Social Security). And as you know, the mortgage and other bills don’t take a break. Right now, five of our six children are living at home with us, and we’ve got three young men starting various college programs in August.

Nobody asks to get this kind of disease; even though there is good hope, from a medical perspective, it is a truly frightening process. We’re simply asking for financial help with our living expenses as we get through the next several months.

The Leukemia Society’s “Patient Advocacy” group actually recommends that folks in our position hold “private fundraisers”. Something like this seems simpler – it seems to me that someone who wouldn’t think at all about giving to Public TV or the Jerry Lewis telethon, would feel more comfortable helping out a friend of a friend with $10.00 or $25.00.

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Thank you for your help and prayers.