Vampire Bride II

We are on our way to the hospital for more blood transfusions for Beth. Evidently her most recent blood test showed a hemoglobin level of 6.9. Just for the sake of perspective, the low limit they want her to reach is 8.2 for a transfusion, and normal is 12-15. It was a level of 5.7 that started her in the hospital the first time.

Last week, she had her second “cycle” of Vidaza. We were of the opinion that this was going to eliminate the need for transfusions, but evidently, they say, it takes 3-4 cycles for the full effect to kick in.

2 thoughts on “Vampire Bride II

  1. Thinking and praying for you, Beth. Also for your family. Trusting the new medicine takes effect sooner than expected by medical profession.

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