Recent Blood Counts

Recent Blood Counts

Recent Blood Counts

I haven’t published blood counts recently, because we haven’t been getting them. Beth has been giving blood regularly, every Monday and Thursday – we only recently have figured out that we can have these sent to us on a regular basis.

The key numbers are in red and blue here: the red numbers are “out of range” numbers, that is, those that are too low or too high. In this regard, note the Hemoglobin levels – Beth is supposed to get transfusions if this level falls below 8.5, and in fact, she’s had transfusions on July 6 and August 5.

Also, keep in mind that what she’s got is called “myelomonocytic leukemia”, and so the last line in the chart, “monocytes”, has been added since the last time. I recently put together a brief medical summary of this condition. Neutrophils, Lymphocytes, and Monocytes are all various types of White Blood Cells. I’m not sure how they relate to the “White Blood Cells” number (in blue), but note that in the most recent column (8/11), her Neutropils level is low, and her Monocytes level is high. I can’t tell you what that relationship means. Note also that her Platelets count seems to have elevated itself, in the absence of a transfusion. That’s a good sign.

After a rough day the other day, Beth has had a couple of days where she’s felt half way normal. We’re going to try to go to church this morning.

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