Back home from the intake meeting

On balance, it was a positive meeting. Dr. Rossetti went through some of the odds, and it came out like this:

  • 30% cure;
  • 20% immediate complications;
  • 15% major longer-term complications;
  • 35% chance of relapse.

The odds are not strictly wonderful, but he felt comfortable nudging Beth into the better categories because of the good way she is responding to the treatment (I hope to show some good numbers/trends in the near future).

We’ve gotten five potential donors who match on all 10 of 10 HLA categories. Some of them are not ideal, because of things like their age, and they all need to undergo some additional testing, but they’re out there, and there are still more potential matches that can be made.

I’ve got some really good blood charts, showing some really good trends, and a quasi-schedule of the transplant, once a donor is found. I’ll try to post more of that over the next several days.