Blood Chart as of Labor Day

[Click on the chart to bring up a larger view.]

This includes Bethany’s blood figures up through Labor Day. Typically, she gets a blood sample taken twice a week. Good things to note include the rising platelet count, and the fact that her “Blasts” level is down to zero. Also, her Neutrophils (little Pac Man types of creatures that are first responders in case of infections) are holding in the normal range.

Monocytes seem to have dropped off the low end of the scale (this is “chronic myelomonocytic leukemia).

The down side of this seems to be that her White Blood Cells level is hovering around 2.0; the lab chart calls this a “critical result”. We’ve seen that terminology before, when her hemoglobin levels fall below 7.0 or so.

Beth was tired all day yesterday, and she slept most of the day.