The week ahead

Beth had a good weekend – she seemed to be feeling pretty good and even energetic, although we limited our activities to TV, reading, and church. We’re noticing a pattern. On the weeks when Beth is getting her Vidaza treatment, and the following week, she is tired, wrung-out, achy, and her blood levels seem to go down. We don’t have any blood numbers for the most recent week (week 3 of the cycle), but she seemed to feel better this past weekend.

Wednesday we’re going to go down to the VA to get a photograph for Beth’s ID card, and then we’ll head out to West Penn hospital for another bone marrow biopsy. We’ve been told by the doctor that it is “a matter of routine” to have one of these after three or four rounds of Vidaza. “This way we have a better sense of how things are progressing.” He also says, “Based on the counts, I suspect we are in a good place.”

Beth has had two such operations, and both have been painful for her. After all, they are breaking into a bone. The doctor also says she will be able to do this procedure “under conscious sedation” – which will help ease the pain for her, moreso than just the local anesthesia she received the last two times.