The calm before the storm

I mentioned down below that we have a total of four potential donor matches, who connect with Bethany on 10 of 10 DNA markers.

This is an odd time for us. I guess because this “bone marrow transplant” is such an odd procedure. Lots of folks with cancers go into remission-and-out. They get treatment, get well, and are done with it. (Or they don’t. But that’s still part of the same type of process).

But for us, this is only “the calm before the storm”. I guess that’s the way to describe it. Even though it looks like things are getting better, and they are, it’s all part of the plan. Beth is being “built up” so that she’s in the best possible condition for the upcoming “conditioning” phase – the stronger she is going into the “intensive chemotherapy” and “full body irradiation”, the better she can be coming out of it.

For now, we just wait.