Weekend news

We took a drive out to Hollidaysburg on Sunday to visit with my cousin Debbie. The weather and the views and the trees were just magnificent, and Debbie’s cooking was wonderful as well. (Her husband Walt recently passed away; the plan was that we would buy her dinner, but she, being the “home team”, had the advantage, and she cooked us a magnificent dinner of ham and lasagna and a zucchini casserole.

We also had a chance to talk with Bill Zlatos again, the Tribune Review reporter who wrote the article on Bethany and the “burn pits” in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bill is interested in following Bethany’s treatment through her transplant and recovery, and so we’ll hope to have more articles and photos down the line.

Beth had transfusions of two more pints of blood on Friday; she has been having recurring headaches; she slept all day Saturday. Sunday she was feeling pretty well. We just have to take things day by day.

And finally, over the weekend, I worked on (and posted this morning) an article discussing why it seems more than plausible to me that the “pursuit of authority” in the ancient Roman church, caused that church to lose its focus on some very important things.