Admitted to the hospital

Beth has been admitted to the hospital, probably just for an overnight stay, but she’s got some things going on and they probably want to observe her.

Most annoying are the skin lesions, “abscesses” she’s got in her face and a couple of other areas of her body. These are, just as the definition says, “a collection of pus (dead neutrophils) that has accumulated in a cavity formed by the tissue in which the pus resides due to an infectious process…”. Her white blood cell count (and neutrophils are among these) is very low, they want to give her some intravenous antibiotics for them.

Otherwise, she’s in day six of a seven-day cycle of Vidaza, and her red blood cell count is down to 6.2 (the magic number is 8.5), so she’s going to need a couple of transfusions.

Zach took her down to the hospital this morning and has been with her all day. I’ve just gotten home, made sure the kids had something to eat, and now I’m headed down to the hospital.

The good news is that, once we have the transplant, this whole set of problems changes into something else…