Overnight and the near future

I spent the night at home last night for the first time in nearly two weeks. Beth seems to have stabilized. I’m going to give her a call later this morning. The plan is that they will remove her “triple lumen catheter” today – the doctors sort of having isolated this as the source of her recent infection – and they’re going to put another one in. It should be possible for her to come home after that. The kids have all been wonderful. Everyone’s been pitching in – giving rides when needed, cooking meals, cleaning the house (a bit), washing dishes, getting the garbage out.

Beth is not out of the woods yet, medically, although there is great hope. Still, GVH can cause pneumonia and organ failure leading to death, and even prior to that, she’s still going to be neutropenic for the next week or two. And we still have the daily trips to the short-stay unit for about three more weeks. So I’m headed for work this morning, and I’m going to try to work at least half-time for the next couple of weeks. My two older boys have cars (for which I still pay the car insurance); they have both volunteered to share the rides to and from the hospital.

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