Seems as if the fever has broken

I just got back to the hospital (6:30) – I had left around 12:30 when Beth wheeled down for her CT scan. Among other things, our refrigerator has died, and a new one is being delivered tomorrow. So I had to go home and clear a path.

Meanwhile, it seems as if Beth’s fevers have broken. The nurse said so, and all of her temperatures were in the 37s C (less than 100 F) and in some cases, in the low 37s. I don’t yet know if that’ll mean that she can come home for Christmas – it would be great, but we really can’t count on it, and in fact, we’re still planning on how to do the weekend in the hospital.

She is just now waking up from a nap. She had a good turkey dinner, and she believes that all the sweating she has done today is an indication that the infection has really broken. We’ll see.