Still waiting to open Christmas gifts

We received a huge pile of Christmas gifts this year, from the school (as noted in this article), but also from several other individuals and families who just wanted to help us out. We had all of the kids home last night, Friday night, along with several of my sons’ girlfriends, but Beth just was too tired to get out of bed. Maybe today, although I think Jer and several of the girlfriends are working, and so we won’t have them with us.

We’ve been letting Dani open “just one present” at a time, and I believe several others have opened several of their packages (we have a new coffee maker and some coffee mugs), but I couldn’t say where and when. These kids have a tremendous amount of patience, and I’m very grateful for it.

Beth is washing up right now, and we are headed down to West Penn for her daily checkup. Only, the MSS is closed for the weekend, so we’ll be back up on T7 (which is the hospital’s Hematology / Oncology (hem/onc) unit).

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