Happy Easter to all

Several folks have commented now that I haven’t written anything in a while. I guess it’s a case of no news being good news. Beth has been feeling fine, though she’s still weak and needs to rest a lot. We were able to get up and go to a sunrise service at church this morning. My daughter Bethany has been another story, though. She was up with some pretty uncomfortable gastrointestinal distress, and has been in bed most of the day today. Beth stayed home with her while I took some of the other kids over to my mom’s house for Easter.

Tomorrow we have another doctor’s appointment; we’ll get the results of another chimerism test. I’m finding that waiting for these is kind of maddening. This is the one that tells whether Beth’s blood is 100% from the donor. So far she’s had two tests like that; tomorrow will be the third, we hope. The alternative is that some of her old leukemic blood is coming back. That would be bad.