A year ago today

It was one year ago today that we took Beth to MedExpress.

She had been working the midnight shift at Overlook Green; on Fridays and Saturdays, she was the shift supervisor and medications technician. Sunday morning, June 5, she got home late, probably around 11:00 am (from a shift that began 11:00 pm), and when she tried to get up, she just couldn’t go.

She called her supervisor and told her, there was just no way she could get to work that evening. So the supervisor suggested she go to MedExpress and get checked out.

The Nurse Practitioner took a look at Beth, checked her over, left for a while, and came back. I remember her looking at the swelling in Beth’s feet and lower legs. “You’re going to need more tests than we can give you here. Why don’t you go up to the emergency room?”

So we went up there and sat for a while. They ended up giving her the standard blood tests, and they found out that her Hemoglobin level was 5.7, a critically low level. They admitted her that night. Later during her stay there, one of the nurses told us that if she had bled out to that level (the normal is 12-15), she’d have been unconscious.