Home from the hospital

Beth is home from the hospital; she was discharged yesterday (with a prescription for antibiotics). We are looking forward to a few day off together for Christmas.

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  1. Good news. Been reading a bit of your blog. I was diagnosed with CMML about a year ago. BMT is scheduled for late Febuary.
    Hang in there Beth.

  2. Hi Boone — good luck to you in the BMT. Where are you located, and what kind of transplant are you going to have? (Is your donor a relative? Or unrelated?

  3. Hi Box Guy — we had a quiet, low key Christmas, very grateful for our family life together. Thanks for asking.

  4. Hi Bugay family, I want to thank you for chronicling Beth’s battle with cmml, which my brother, 48, has just been diagnosed as having. He and my sister-in-law have been discouraged about the difficulties that await them with the bmt, so your website is very helpful and encouraging. I hope Beth is still doing well; I’d love to hear more about her progress.

  5. Hi Jeri Tanner, please feel free to contact us directly, as this site is not quite up-to-date. My email is johnbugay [at] gmail [dot] com, and Bethany’s is bethanybugay [at] gmail [dot] com.

    Beth is a year out from her BMT. She’s had some setbacks, but by and large, she is nearing the point at which she will be able to receive her baby vaccinations. They say that two years down the road, the risk of relapse falls to less than 2%; at that point, they say you are “cured”.

  6. Thanks. I have been trying to craft an email with coherent questions and will send it along when I succeed! So glad Beth is doing well. So glad you guys trust Christ with all your outcomes!

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