About me

Some time ago I had a blog called “Learning Eloqua”. That was a cool name until Oracle changed the branding to “Oracle Marketing Cloud”. Fortunately the original brands for many Oracle products still persist: Siebel, PeopleSoft, and now Eloqua.

Norman Mailer once quipped that the good thing about losing his short-term memory was that it enabled him to function as his own editor. That is, he could read over what he’d written the day before, without memories of the struggles and emotional attachments that he had gone through in creating that prose. Therefore, he could also function ruthlessly as an editor, and bring out the best in his own writing.

That’s something that I hope to do here for the next several weeks (December 2015): go back to some of the old things I’d written – things that had little or no audience, and therefore, little or no memories of it – and re-publish them as new materials.

Everything I’ve written on this site, otherwise, remains what it was before:

* * *

Most recently, I’ve been chronicling my wife’s diagnosis and treatment of CMML (chronic myelomonocytic leukemia). It appears as if we are working toward a bone marrow transplant.

Feel free to contact me, at johnbugay [at] gmail [dot] com if you have any questions. Thanks!

Prior to this, I had been using this blog as a job search tool. I am an experienced Director of Marketing Communications, and an unusually strong business / professional writer. I can help a company in three ways:

Marketing Direction: I can completely oversee a marketing program, from crafting your message through budgeting, managing a media advertising campaign (either for branding purposes or direct response) trade show event planning and marketing, Public Relations, and direct mail and email campaigns. I’m an experienced Web 2.0 user, though I’ve done relatively less of that for companies. See my Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Web-based training: at HyperActive, I gave frequent web demonstrations to virtually everyone, including new employees, new board members, new dealers, and potential customers. I also provided second-tier training, i.e., how to use and get the most from various components of our technology.

Technical Writing: User documentation, installation manuals, training programs (in PowerPoint and created for .html).

In summary, I’m able to communicate your message clearly and effectively, at a lot of different levels, through a lot of different media.