Here are some personal recommendations, from clients, employers, and co-workers. If “getting the right mix of people” is important to you, I hope you’ll consider some of the more personal elements I’ll bring to the table:

“John worked for my organization for a number of years and displayed all the attributes you would expect of a professional employee. He received a number of promotions over his career which reflected his dedication, determination, perseverance and teamwork. I highly recommend John for any assignment you need in marketing communications.”
— Joe Porfeli, Chairman/CEO, HyperActive Technologies

“John has helped me on a number of projects over the years including sales and marketing materials, PR, articles and case studies, events, and email campaigns. He is a quick study, collaborates well, and respects time and budget constraints. I would highly recommend him for virtually any type of marketing communications and/or writing project.”
— Donna Bartko, Vice President and Founder, Advanced Software Applications (ASA – Client)

“I worked closely with John during my time at HyperActive Technologies. John was a very hard worker and we frequently swapped early morning coffee duty. He was a valuable asset to the HyperActive team and helped to promote and build the company brand through many of his activities. HyperActive was always viewed as a leader in the industry and that was a direct result of John’s marketing and branding efforts. His ideas and insights into the marketplace and true belief in the HyperActive message where keys to our success. I would highly recommend John and hope that our paths cross again in the future.”
— Ian Rudy, Director of Product Development and IT, HyperActive Technologies

“John is one of the most passionate individuals I have met. John pours his heart and soul into his work. He is very responsive to the needs of field personnel and goes out of his way to ensure success. He is a hard worker who is pro-active in his efforts to help others. John is very intelligent and takes great pride in his work. He quickly takes ownership of his position does a great job representing a Company.”
— Glenn Kassel, Vice President, Western Region, HyperActive Technologies

“John is a fountain of creativity and information. He is the epitome of a great team player, and is truly a unique individual. John brings with him a zest for life, discipline, brains and a great sense of humor to everything he does. I’d endorse him for any challenges put before him.”
— Chuck Bartlett, Consultant / Director, Channel Sales, HyperActive Technologies

“John was a pleasure to work with. He was truly a team player. John would help me out anytime I needed him. I will truly miss John’s work ethic and determination to get the job done right.”
— Rod Humphrey, Director of Sales, HyperActive Technologies

“John is one of the friendliest and hardworking people I have ever met.… It’s very easy to relate to and respect John. He’s a “first in, last out” type of employee. He sets an excellent example for others, and yet maintains a humanistic humility about him. I would gladly work with or for John in the future.”
— Randall Vollen, Application Engineer, HyperActive Technologies

“I truly enjoyed working with John at Hyperactive. He is conscientious, detail oriented, and generally very pleasant. My only regret is that I didn’t have the opportunity to work with him more. He provided excellent support to myself and my sales representative as we pursued various opportunities to sell the Hyperactive product lines. I plan on staying in touch with John, and I hope to work with him again in the future.”
— Ann Braun, Owner, E.S.S., Inc. (business partner)

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