When I interview, here’s how I roll

This is a sequence of @vineapp videos that I took earlier this month while preparing for and driving to a job interview. It’s a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor (but producing these things is fun!) – but if you decide to call me in for an interview, this is who you’ll get (if the videos don’t start, click on them):

Forming thoughts in my head on a thing I’ll call “Vignettiquette”

Recently I started using both Twitter and an iPhone-based app called “Vine”. Vine enables you to make six-second videos that simply loop when you post them to Vine or Twitter or Facebook. I don’t think all the bugs are worked out of it yet.

I’ve been able to do some pretty cool things though. There’s a “media library” at my Twitter page, @johnbugay. You should be able to find all of my Vine videos there.

Inventive folks have created such words as “netiquette” and “Twittiquette” regarding laws on how to behave. I’m not sure if there’s a thing yet called “Vignettiquette” (for the purists, I suppose it could end up being “vinetiquette”, and while it retains the long “i” from “vine”, it’s a clunky word and it seems less sophisticated (even if it is fewer characters, in the spirit of Twitter).

The basics of virtually any video type of service has been summed up nicely by the Wall Street Journal here: http://on.wsj.com/128kgQP:

Let’s not incite lawmakers or angry mobs. Stick to photographing kittens, consenting friends and those totally amazing pancakes from your favorite brunch spot, OK?

If you do something wrong, you can expect to get a bit of a warning:

Have fun, and let your conscience be your guide!