A live textbook for the resident doctors

I went in to work today, so I didn’t see it, but Beth said that one of the doctors came around with a whole group of residents who all took a look at Beth’s mouth sores (Those very ones in the photos below). The mouth sores are very uncomfortable for her – they’ve contributed to a bad sore throat that prevents her from eating. She’s still got lots of bone and muscle pain – “your whole body was burned from the inside out”, and she continues to have elevated blood pressure levels, though they are giving her Norvasc to bring that down.

It seems as if she will be going home tomorrow. We’re still waiting to hear from another doctor tonight, but she’s been off the antibiotics, and she hasn’t had a fever. Her white blood count was 4.57 this morning, which is somewhere near the normal range, and her hemoglobin was hanging out around 10.0 – both of these numbers are stratospheric for her, but only the white cells are hers (the hemoglobin is left over from some transfusions she had over the weekend).

Tuesday morning details

I went home around 3 am to get Beth some more clothes; I got back around 6:00 am to find that she had already been taken down for the CT scan. “The IV guy” was also in, to give her two IV lines in her arms, so that she can continue to get her antibiotics and her blood and platelets for the next two days. Just a few minutes ago, the nurse removed the central line (photos soon), but they have to wait two days before putting in another one. Her BP is 159/89, and temperature is 37.9 C (100.2 F). They’ve given her IV morphine for the headache, which is still there, and they do not expect she will be able to go home today.