Awaiting the white blood counts

Beth had another “moment” this morning when she felt a fever and chills coming on. But she laid down, covered up, fell asleep and the notion that chills were coming passed. So it seems as if she is fighting off these infections herself. We are awaiting the blood lab report so we can watch the numbers go up for a change.

However, the infectious disease doctor thinks it was too early to take her off the vancomycin, so she will go back on that today.

Hanging in there

Beth’s blood levels have seemingly rebounded after her stay in the hospital. Sure, she had four transfusions, but the levels from last week’s lab results show some stability and even improvement over what showed up on her last blood chart (Items shown are for 11/1 and 11/3 respectively):

  • White Cells 1.48 1.51;
  • Hemoglobin 9.2 9.1;
  • Platelets 59 86

So her platelet levels have actually risen, and her white blood cell count has at least remained steady. Yes, her Hemoglobin count drops a bit but at least she was able to hang steady in the 9’s, without that dip toward transfusion (8.5).

The doctors have also been measuring her LDH level, which measures “the disease process”, as one nurse put it to us. Earlier, I noted that it had been over 500 and even 600. Now that level, still high (200+ is high), has dropped to 392 and 401 on successive dates.