Delayed effects of the chemo

Beth was up throwing up last night (so I hear – I slept through it), and up again around 4 am throwing up again. It seems as if this is one of the delayed effects of the Busulfan, which are supposed to occur some 7-10 days after the first instance of it. (We are now on day eight). Aside from that, they are continuing to give her a fairly steady diet of the antibiotics Vancomycin and Cefepime. Otherwise, she slept quite a bit, and quite soundly last night.

The end is near

It’s about 6:00 now; I’m going to head back to the hospital to spend the night with Beth (I went in to work four hours today, and got a few things done).

Beth is going to get her first dose (of three) of Thymoglobulin, which, I understand, suppresses the immune system. She’ll also get the last doses of Fludabarbine and Busulfan. They’ve given her some “pre-medications”, which had her sleeping all day. We’ll see how she handles all this tonight.

For the next two days, then (the 13th and 14th), she’ll get the Thymoglobulin and the total body radiation, and the donor’s stem cells should arrive here the evening of the 14th. By that time, our hope and expectation is that the leukemia-producing bone marrow will be completely destroyed.

Of course, then we have about a year dealing with issues such as engraftment, infections, and graft-vs-host symptoms, but the end of the leukemia is near.

Busulfan 3: last night seemed to go better

But I slept through most of it. Beth took all the pre-treatment drugs they were willing to give her, including Benadryl, anti-nausea, and pain meds. She seemed more settled, though she has not slept all night. She has bad nausea, and is wishing “this would end”. She says she is never going to eat again.

The bag of Busulfan was done around 1:45. The drawing is from Dani, to brighten up the IV stand.


Busulfan 2

12:30 Sunday am: Beth has had her third Fludarabine, it’s the second round of Busulfan, and she is as agitated as I’ve seen her in a long time. She is complaining of hot flashes, bone aches, itchies, and nausea. She has been pacing the floors, and is picking at her fingernails. She is finally lying down, but still jumpy.

So odd that they start this a late as they do. But they will keep this time schedule for the next three days as well.

She says she is ready to be done with this and is ready to go home.

Busulfan bag emptied 2:45 am

I barely was up for it. Another bag of fluids just now finished. The nurse is here, drawing some blood for the morning and flushing out Beth’s catheter ports.

Beth seems to have been up all night, complaining about the itchiness. But she seems to be feeling all right now. I got a few hours of sleep early in the evening, and then from about the time the Busulfan really got started, until about now. I’m sure I will have to get home soon and check on the kids.

These last blog entries and photos have all been with a two-year-old mobile phone, by the way.

Back on

A doctor has been in to check her, and has consulted with another doctor; they are going to restart the Busulfan and give her some Benadryl for the itching problem that she complained about.