It does appear as if Beth will be coming home today

She’s eating and keeping her food down, and so they’ll give her an oral antibiotic for the C Diff. I’m going to head in to work today. Usually on days when they release her (and we have enough of a history of this now to understand what’s going on), she gets released in the evening, late enough so that when we need to get all the meds that they prescribe for her, the meds are so many and so exotic that the pharmacy can’t handle the order, and we have to go scrambling. All in a day’s work, I guess. 

Change of plans; 2nd Chimerism test is perfect

Well, the good news is that Beth isn’t going to have to go through the GI tests I wrote about last time. The bad news is that she has a C. Diff infection, which can be treated with antibiotics. So she’ll likely get to come home Monday. But the best news is that she’s turned in another perfect Chimerism test, which means that she’s again showing 100% of the donor’s DNA, and zero % of her own. This is the second time this test has come back perfect, and it’s the path we need to follow to avoid the next big danger, relapse.