Feeling a bit better

I talked with Dr Rossetti yesterday, and yes, he had seen all of these symptoms that Beth was experiencing, no, none of them, taken alone, is all that serious, and yes, all of these taken together have weakened her and will likely make her recovery somewhat longer.

Preparing for Catheter #3That said, she was feeling a bit better yesterday and this morning, though the clot is still a worry, and her hand had swelled up a bit more.

By the way, did you notice her smiling in this photo? She has always smiled nicely for photos, and she did so here, even though she was dreading the thought of having another central line put in. This one was her third, plus the clot-inducing PICC line in her arm.

Finally, I had a chance to sneak Dani into the hospital for a few minutes last night. The policy is “no children under 12” in the room, though even Dr Rossetti has allowed us to break that rule on occasion. Still, it made for a nice moment for both girls.

Beth and Dani
Beth and Dani

Tuesday morning details

I went home around 3 am to get Beth some more clothes; I got back around 6:00 am to find that she had already been taken down for the CT scan. “The IV guy” was also in, to give her two IV lines in her arms, so that she can continue to get her antibiotics and her blood and platelets for the next two days. Just a few minutes ago, the nurse removed the central line (photos soon), but they have to wait two days before putting in another one. Her BP is 159/89, and temperature is 37.9 C (100.2 F). They’ve given her IV morphine for the headache, which is still there, and they do not expect she will be able to go home today.