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Bethany's FundrazrPlease go to Bethany’s Facebook Fan page, and look for the little Fundrazr widget that’s shown here; please “like” it, share it with your Facebook friends, and maybe throw a few bucks of your own into the pot.

We’ve been blessed tremendously so far by the response of people we know, and people we don’t know. Their generosity has enabled us to make it through these months when Beth doesn’t have an income. But when transplant days come, those will be times when I won’t have an income either, and that’s a very frightening prospect. We are months away from any potential government help (i.e., Social Security disability or VA disability), and we still need to get through these months.Bethany's Fundrazr

Click on the small widget, and it becomes a larger widget. At either point, you can donate, or like, or share this as part of your own Facebook feed.

We’d greatly appreciate your help with it.

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