Nourish your inner gyroscope

maintaining balance
maintaining balance in turbulent times

The Tom Peters Company is using this gyroscope graphic on its website, under the header, “future shape of the winner.” Of this gyroscope, he (or someone in his organization) says, it is “a navigation system that finds dynamic balance and sets direction in a constantly changing operating context.”

Of course, their hope is that the Tom Peters Company will provide you with a consulting service that will enable you to balance seven different elements, as follows: … Ambition … Architecture … Brand … Execution … Experience … Performance … Talent ….

That’s all well and good; a company needs to be able to respond like a gyroscope to changes in the market. In fact, that’s quite an intricate balancing act. (And I have a story to tell about HyperActive in that respect). But the individuals in question will also have inner gyroscopes (or not), and that’s the key to the whole process, I think.