The end is near

It’s about 6:00 now; I’m going to head back to the hospital to spend the night with Beth (I went in to work four hours today, and got a few things done).

Beth is going to get her first dose (of three) of Thymoglobulin, which, I understand, suppresses the immune system. She’ll also get the last doses of Fludabarbine and Busulfan. They’ve given her some “pre-medications”, which had her sleeping all day. We’ll see how she handles all this tonight.

For the next two days, then (the 13th and 14th), she’ll get the Thymoglobulin and the total body radiation, and the donor’s stem cells should arrive here the evening of the 14th. By that time, our hope and expectation is that the leukemia-producing bone marrow will be completely destroyed.

Of course, then we have about a year dealing with issues such as engraftment, infections, and graft-vs-host symptoms, but the end of the leukemia is near.

Colds and Flu Season

Our son Zach brought something home the other day that involved having the body aches and a slight fever. After Beth’s recent blood test, they called us to let her know that her white blood cell count was down to 1.7 – that’s the lowest I’ve seen it.

White blood cells are the ones that help you fight infections, and so, now Beth has got the body aches and feels a cold coming on. This week, too, is going to be another Vidaza week. With the news of the donor, Beth has generally been in good spirits, and with the blood transfusion about a week ago, she’s been feeling pretty good as well. So with all of this going on, it’s likely she won’t be feeling so well this week.